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Paper Flights

paper flights


Come with me and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination



PAPER FLIGHTS is a show born with a single and simple purpose: telling stories by combining different languages into a single art form based on a cappella vocal music with electronic processing support.


The leitmotif of the show, and of the resulting album, is the story of “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, from which the project freely draws inspiration.
Each singer is associated with one of the four main states of mind featured in the story: Joy, Sadness, Anger and Belonging.
So the group undertakes a journey with the Prince, exploring all of the most intimate aspect of each of us: friendship and love, the meaning of life, the fraitly and melancholy of contemporary men.
In order to bring the theme to life, the musical flow develops though some of the most beautiful songs in the Italian and international scene, reworked in a completely original way that will accompany the audience throughout this journey.

“We are sheets of paper”

We are sheets of paper.
We form books, stories and tales.
Across every deep, intimate, true
feeling of the soul we sail, and always had.
A boy who decides to leave his home.
The joy of discovering, the anger of the
memories, the sadness of the ending, and knowing
it is possible to go back there, hoping.
And we are a part of all this.
Together, we feel that journey, written on our skin.
Books worn out by friendship and love, the
meaning of life, frailty and sadness.
Chapters intervowen around our hearts.
Voices, words and images our only cards.
All of this is Paper Flights.
It is the story of the Little Prince, through the
eyes of those who have always been living on this planet.
Together with the aviator. On our paper planes.
Destination: life.



L. Subrizi/G. Giordana
A dream is a part of reality that makes us see
how determined we can be. This is our dream


“Il Viaggio”

Will a cape be enough?
I promised myself I’d do this at nighttime, in the darkness.
This time, I am also packing the time I lost and the happiness that made it important in my suitcase of questions.
Oh, my sharp companion, now each of us has to choose its own half of the paper… I must go now.
Here we go!
My feet leave the ground. I have everything I need.
Only peacefulness on my face.
I am light and free: this is how happiness feels like.
I am Music, travelling comfortably through the notes of an Adagio.
The certainty of turning around comes from the fear of losing yourself.
And that is where the journey begins.


The Message

N. James
This is how we begin our journey,
heralds is the universe of our questions


“And then nothing”

Too often, I find myself being carried by nothingness,
in this black and dark place.
I never liked space. Never actually got a good grasp of it.
A short time ago, out of nowhere, a fast star appeared out of that “cosmic nothingness”, and it came down on me.
I can still remember the thud – and the hurting.
A child came out of that tin can, a tiny little creature: a human.
He had just happened here by chance, and he had found what he was looking for: a fellow human being.
Similar to my inhabitant. A man, he was, but different.
At last, it was like hosting an alive creature! A man with a lot of questions.
That healthy, untamed excitement that silently burned inside him.
A lot has occurred on me. Fires, hurricanes, ceaseless storms and unpredictable droughts, volcanic eruptions and such powerful earthquakes that… actually, not powerful enough for him to truly realize what they were destroying.
And then there were wars. Then nothing… and then wars again.
Maybe none of this would have happened if more like him had arrived.
Still, evil can also be found in the inability to see your own flaws. It is known.
I hope they understand it now.
I hope they felt the same pain I did watching them destroy each other when they inhabited my surface.
And now, thanks to them, I am all alone. Paralyzed.
I can still see them, I still remember them.
Full of words they would throw away, and of wishes they would buy.
I have seen too much, understood too little. My soul is frozen.
I don’t want anything anymore. I am not looking for anything anymore.
Indeed, there is only one thing I’d want. I’d like to be the Moon.
To forget about myself at daytime, and only to live at nighttime.
Who knows if the Moon is happy or sad, if she ever cries…
And if she sees that men are often too weak to feel strong.


La mia versione dei ricordi

F. Gabbani
Memories are like old scales, always weighing
towards “maybe”, too late towards “if only


Love + War

Our planet is dying. With us, because of us


"Give me a tomorrow"

They will tell you it is impossible.
You will tell them that is only their opinion.
That you have learnt that impossible thing become possible if you do something about it.
Like a gear oil, like a light that brings you home.
They will tell you that happiness does not exist.
Go get your happiness!
Let’s pretend you’ve met her, and she will know her way back if you don’t grow tired of looking ahead.
They will tell not to trust the world.
Trust it instead, you are standing on it, your place does exist, even if you think you are so small.
Trust a voice. Yours will get me out of my den, like a music.
Trust footsteps. Listen to them without judging them, close or far away.
Are you coming? Are you leaving? That is why I belong to you.
If you leave, you’re taking my eyes away with you, Prince.
Sometimes, it is wonderful to roam and wander, free falling onto a wish that comes true.
To have, us… to have each other! It is not hard.
And if you think about it, that moment is the only thing that actually exists. We survived fear. That is when you stop and give a smile.
There is no other planet there. It is only made of what we will build together.
Knowing each other is the rule. Recognizing each other is rare. Not losing touch is a wonderful exception.


Facciamo Finta

N. Fabi
Let’s pretend the bonds and friendships you have forged will make up for your mistakes and help you heal, if you don’t grow tired of looking ahead


Piccola Anima

E. Meta ft. Elisa
In such a dark night I cannot see if you’re coming or leaving. But I can hear your footsteps, and they will get me out of this den


Fields of Gold

For a long time will you remember that wind,
which brought your deepest emotions back to life


“Think of yourself here”

There you go. Come a little bit closer, come on…
…touch my body with your tiny little fingers, come on, come on…
I have a weapon. I do. Do not assume I cannot use it.
We are all good at being better to those who are better than us.
We can mistake neglect for love.
And no, no. Two mistakes in a row are not a step forward.
Come closer and closer, come on, come on.
Move that finger closer, come on.
Born, raised, nurtured. Do you know how little I care for that now?
I have seen you fading into a puff of smoke, just like in your worst nightmares. If you had a heart, it would have exploded.
You almost killed me, do you see that? You almost did.
Maybe the thing is that I have never asked for permission with you.
Stuck here. Damn you.
You’re there, I’m here, you’re there, I’m here. Is that clear now?
Come closer, come on. Come a little bit closer, come on, come on. Come on, you’re almost there.
Maybe the thing is that you only want more, never less.
Less is me now. And who’s giving you more?
Us, the same? Bullshit. I am stuck here. Bloody roots.
But no, no one can tie up a thunder.
One step closer, come on, come on. Come on, you’re almost there…
… there you are! Hurts, doesn’t it?
Your greatness dies now, unaware and mean.
Maybe the thing is that you have millions of roads, but I don’t really care for any of them.
Think of yourself here. Think of yourself here. And of me there.
Who has a weapon? Who has more spines now?



L. Subrizi/G. Giordana
A colour, a cry for help, a surrender can be violated.
Just like a wound, or the taste of your pain



You do not have much time. You cannot really move.
Your greatness dies now!


“Small sparks”

Growing up, you learn that happiness is not to be found in great things.
It is not to be found in intense emotions, booming into spectacular thunders.
It comes from small explosions, that warm your heart little by little. Small sparks in your stomach.
It loves to hide, only to be found again. That is why it exists.
It made me come out: I had to see, I had to know.
I betrayed my eyes, I wrote my heart out. And I don’t care anymore.
Happiness walks lightly.
It walks right by you, and you don’t even hear it.
And you learn that no matter your defenses, no matter what you want or what your destiny is: the love that changes with changes is not happiness.
You learn that happiness can be found in a song, in touching flour with your hands, in your cat’s or your dog’s snout.
You can find it the smells from the kitchen, in the sun filtering through the windows, in the scent of spring awakening you from winter.
You need to be brave to be happy.



L. Dalla
Happiness, my friends, on which night train will you travel? I know you’ll pass by, but only for a moment, you never stop


“Il Cuore basta”

When someone asks you the secret of The Little Prince, answer like everyone else would: “what is essential is invisible to the eye”.
Adults will be glad and look at you lovingly; do not pay attention to them.
Do not let them see you’re surprised: you see, only adults think of that obvious thing as a great discovery.
For you, what is invisible is the only thing that counts: it is a well-known fact.
You see, growing older only means cutting the invisible into such little pieces that they become a prison between your eyes, stopping you from drifting away: duties, experiences, old wishes turned into chores, judgments, fear.
“Straight ahead you can’t go very far” says the little prince.
But the world has other rules: you have to go straight ahead and grow, get a good education and good marks. You have to take English classes – it will be useful for you in life – and then dance classes, swimming classes, vitamins. You have to go the gym – it will straighten your shoulders and make you stronger. Yes… stronger!
But the fox, the rose and even the snake will tell you a different truth.
They will tell you not to listen to them.
Our chance at happiness here, on planet Earth, relies on our childhood.
On the fact that it will always be a part of us.
It is eternal. It never really ends.
The little prince is the light inside of you: listen to it and be faithful.
Be brave. Look for your own planet, patiently, without any hurry, without having to prevail on anyone to reach this goal.
The heart is enough. It is more than enough.
There is nothing else in life aside from this wonderful happiness, that smells like roses.


Paper Flights

And so it is: at the end of the journey, a group of small sparks create harmony together. Simple, essential, invisible to the eye


Pure Imagination

L. Bricusse/A. Newley
It is time to wake from this dream.
Come with me and live your new and exciting reality


REBEL BIT: Giulia Cavallera, Guido Giordana, Paolo Tarolli, Lorenzo Subrizi

Sound Designer: ANDREA TRONA

Monologues and original lyrics: GUIDO GIORDANA
“Il Cuore Basta” adapted from “The little prince” (edizione Giunti) by ARNALDO COLASANTI.

Mixed and produced by ERIK BOSIO
“Supremacy” mixed by ERIK BOSIO and MATTEO CERBONCINI

Photos and graphics: LUCA PRIVITERA, Hand made Passion

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