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Voices at electronic’s service

Rebel Bit is an innovative team of musicians, united in the aim of creating a soundscape combining vocal music and electronic experimentation.

Following five nominations for the Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards and five A cappella Video Awards, they make their debut in the world of international vocal music with the release of PAPER FLIGHTS, an album taken from the original show of the same name. 

The purpose of this project is to present common and well-known stories in a brand new emotional, musical and staging disguise, in which the audience’s involvement can be deep and effective from the very first sound.
Their sound is affected by the various influences that have marked the artistic growth of the members of the group (from classical to modern and contemporary music), with an eye to electronic experimentation and innovation.

Over the years they took part in some of the most important national and international vocal festivals (Los Angeles a cappella festival, Boston Sings,, Moscow Spring festival, Vocalmente, Solevoci ..).
In 2021 they also participated in the eleventh edition of the TV show Italia's Got Talent.

Giulia Cavallera

Singer and teacher, specialized in the VMS method, she has been working and collaborating with a number of different groups and institutions in Piedmont for many years.
In 2010, together with other colleagues, she started Domino, an a cappella group with which she has worked in the field of vocal music all throughout Italy. Moreover, several years ago she also began an intense activity as a modern singing and choir teacher in various music schools.

Lorenzo Subrizi

Arranger and composer, he graduated in Music Composition at the G.F. Ghedini conservatoire in Cuneo. He has also studied as a lead and backing singer, and has worked and collaborated with different choirs and bands. Among other projects, he is the creator of the “Itaca Project – Italian a cappella project”, one of the most important vocal music projects in Italy, which brought some of the most relevant Italian a cappella groups together, in an actual virtual choir.

Paolo Tarolli

Singer and beatboxer, he also teaches both of these subjects. As for modern singing, he specialized in the VMS method, and he is currently a teacher in some music schools in the Cuneo area. Years ago, he started pursuing his interest for the vocal music world, joining a number of a cappella groups.
He collaborates with Fondazione Fossano Musica for the organization of Vocalmente Festival, now in its fifth edition.

Guido Giordana

Singer and performer in a number of pop/rock bands, he is a singing teacher and he sang and trained in classical and chamber choirs.
After graduating from the CPM in Milan and attending some important specialization courses in prestigious institutions, such as the Guidhall School of Music and Drama in London, he devoted himself entirely to a cappella singing, both from a didactic and a performing point of view, in various Italian professional groups.

Andrea Trona

Student at the G. F. Ghedini conservatoire in Cuneo, he is currently researching into electronic composition / experimentation and Music Informatics.
At the same time, he is perfecting his skills in sound synthesis techniques, closely linked to digital sound processing and sound spatialization processes.

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